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Archive and records management

Are you looking for companies that can provide an instant, cost effective and well managed record storage services? Is your office too small to manage and keep all your business and financial documents in your premisses?. On this site you can get quotes from local document storage companies in Richmond that can collect or deliver the files you need within a couple of hours. Or maybe you are a need for a paperless solutions?

On this site we have gathered a number of archiving firms from which you can request quotes by filling out just one simple form. You can also find a lot of useful information about the following services:

Document Scanning Richmond

Scanning office files in Richmond
  1. Collection of documents
    • The scanning process consists of a number of phases: personal collection of the files from your office. At this stage a records management firm should send their own representative to collect the files you would like to scan. A collection note along with an unique reference number should be issued.
  2. Preparation
    • Each peace of the document should be properly checked if there is no staples, paper clips etc attached, all creases should be straightened out to ensure the best quality of the scanned papers.
  3. Scanning process
    • Fully trained staff is scanning you document using latest technology scanning equipment. Specialist software is making sure that nothing get missed out.
  4. Indexing
    • Once all your document have been scanned they are indexed according to your instructions. Usually you can give up to 6 terms that describe the best your data and will allow you to very easy filter the scanned records.
  5. Quality Control
    • Before the files are stored on a portable hard drive they go trough a number of quality checks. Any errors found are corrected and then one original disc plus 2 copies are prepared to make sure a buck up copy is always available.
  6. Delivery
    • Once the entire process of saving your documents in a digital format has been completed your new files are delivered back to your office but this time only 1 person is required to complete this task.

Document Management Richmond

Scanning and barcoding files

Please see below the full list of professional archive storage services:

  • Secure records storage with no-limit and any time retrievals
  • Individual bar coding of all files, folders and archive boxes
  • Instant file deliveries - same day, overnight or next day
  • storage of all types of documents - financial files, insurance, medical records etc
  • On-line access to view or request files and boxes
  • Scanning and digital files retrieval options
  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Confidential document shredding
  • Records Management planning Richmond
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