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Construction companies in Feltham

Kitchen conversions and extensions in FelthamThere are many loft conversions, extensions, kitchens, bathrooms, house and office refurbishments companies in Feltham. However it is not very easy to judge them. For years construction specialist have been trying to find a way how to recognize, check and tell which firm is the best. If you are looking for a good, passionate about what they do, reliable and professional building firm you will need to do a proper research. Unfortunately it is a very time consuming job and not easy to accomplish. You will have to be very determined and patient as the information you are after are very difficult to find and you will need a good knowledge of the local industry to appoint the best one.

Construction firms in FelthamJudging criteria:

  1. Check if the company you want to employ have been on the market for some time. It is very simple and old principle that the longer you do something the more experience you have. So we do not recommend to take a risk on a new established companies.
  2. Make sure in what field they specialize. If you want a loft conversion ask for some references and some case studies. Ask what is their core business before you tell what you want to get done.
  3. The internet is a very good source of the information. If you not happy with something, if you do not like something or if you have a bad experience with something you can simply write about it and publish it online. So tray to type on Google the name of your construction firm in Feltham with a keyword - complaints or review. If they have been doing a bad job and people are not happy with them we fill see that.
  4. Invite a representative or a sales man to your home so they can assess your needs. By talking to a surveyor you will see if they are people you would like to deal with. As as many questions as you want, get as many information as you can.
  5. Finally do your checks on a number of contractors.
  6. Check if the company you have chosen has any of the industry quality standard certificates like: ISO 9000


Repairs and external installation, refurbishemt services in Feltham.Most popular construction and building services in Feltham

  • Refurbishment of laboratories
  • Conversion of a former sports centres
  • Structural repairs and external refurbishment of building of flats
  • Re-roofing and installation of solar panels
  • Internal and external refurbishment scheme including brickwork and roof cleaning, link exchange.

If you are planning to refurbish your house you may also need removals and storage services in Feltham.